Merlot, Sauvignon, Tempranillo

แบรนด์ : Valtravieso


Region : Ribera del Duero, Spain

Grape varietal :
 Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Tempranillo

Year of planting : 20 years.

Alcohol Volume : 14.5% 

Aging : Barrel 18 months in Fench oak, Bottle 18 months

Tasting Note :
Beautiful cherry red color though with purplish shades. Very bright. The nose shows an excellent fruity quality dominated by plum, raisin and dried apricot surrounded by an exquisite aroma of dark berries. Woods of an excellent quality accompany the fruity sensations without predominating. The aftertaste results in fine smoked and spiced shades that show a good tannic character in the mouth with body and roundness. 
Body   ●●●●
Acidity ●●●●●
Tannin ●●●●
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