Tempranillo - A deep cherry-red wine with a medium-high depth. Aromas of black fruit and fruit compote, spices, baked goods and dairy products.

THB 940 ฿ 940

85% Tempranillo, 15% Merlot - Intense and complex aroma with hints of ripe fruits, toasted aromas, pepper and balsamic notes. Round, warm, very well balanced with a persistent finish.

THB 900 ฿ 900

Tempranillo - Intense aroma, good combination of black berries with toasted nuances from the oak. Balsamic and spicy undertones. Potent bouquet, meaty with very fine and ripe tannins. Long and persistent aftertaste.

THB 1,140 ฿ 1,140

Muscat - notes and very rich and complex nose plenty of fresh fruit and flowery aromas. On the palate is intense and complex, full of fresh fruit with elegant and round texture and long finish with refreshing aftertaste. Very well balanced.

THB 1,320 ฿ 1,320

Grenache - It is complex, elegant, full of floral aromas and fresh fruit on the nose, with smooth, pleasant, well balanced, and very fruity palate with long finish and delicate aftertaste.

THB 1,260 ฿ 1,260

Grenache - Plenty of ripe black fruit and spicy aromas on the nose. It shows fleshy attack with rounded, very well balanced, complex, intense fruit aromas and long finish. Very special wine.

THB 1,260 ฿ 1,260

Tempranillo - The nose is clean, intense, harmonic and very fruity. On the palate the wine is very pleasant with ripe fruit flavours, where the tannins are well balanced offering a nice texture and refreshing long finish with persistent aftertaste.

THB 1,320 ฿ 1,320

Grenache - On the nose is rich, complex, fruity with oaky, spicy and balsamic notes. It is complex on the palate with smooth tannins, rounded and velvety. Rich and full in aromas with great ageing potential.

THB 1,380 ฿ 1,380

Tempranillo, Garnacha - Intense fruit aromas, with a predominance of strawberry and banana. Fresh with red fruit flavours. Slightly smoky, with texture, weight and volume. Balanced with good

THB 1,060 ฿ 1,060

Tempranillo - A deep cherry-red wine with a medium-high depth. Aromas of black fruit and fruit compote, spices, baked goods and dairy products.

THB 1,320 ฿ 1,320

Tempranillo - Good aromatic intensity with berry fruit (blueberry) and a touch of herbs/grass. Smooth, fruit and spice flavours with toasted oak. Complex and structured. A pleasant finish with red fruits and hints of eucalyptus.

THB 1,100 ฿ 1,100

Tempranillo - Complex and very complete to the nose elegant set of fruit aromas (berries, ripe fruit) and ageing sensations (spices, tobacco, dairy products and truffles). In the mouth it is very wide. powerful, with volume, smooth but with perfectly integrated tannins showing great character, round and very long; elegant bitter touch in the finish; very persistent both in taste and aromas.

THB 1,700 ฿ 1,700

Tempranillo - On the nose it has great intensity. Ripe fruit, balsamic, spicy aromas with a wonderful mineral backbone. The wood is very well integrated with the fruit and the wine shows great balance. On the palate it is powerful. fruity, with noble tannins that give the wine a greatconcentration and opulence. Vivid, with sensations of fruit, menthol, cocoa, toasted, coffee and minerals.

THB 1,320 ฿ 1,320

Tempranillo, Garenache Graciano, Mazudo - The balance of fruit and oak.

THB 1,990 ฿ 1,990

Tempranillo - Fruit aromas with balsamic spices and hints of cumin, clove and nutmeg. Excellent structure. Tasty and fresh on the palate, it leaves a long finish. Much more than a normal crianza wines.

THB 2,200 ฿ 2,200

Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlo - Very complex, the sensation of fruit dominates and there is a blend of violet and white flower aromas. Noble wood aromas are perfectly integrated and complete this excellent range with reminiscences of cocoa and coffee, vanilla and some toasted notes. In the mouth it displays fruit, roundness and a balanced acidity. A sound tannin structure provides character and body, though as a whole it remains refined and gentle.

THB 1,660 ฿ 1,660
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