Altos Castilla 2016


Tempranillo, Syrah

แบรนด์ : Canaveras


Region :  La Mancha, Spain

Grape varietal :
  Tempranillo, Syrah

Alcohol Volume : 13% 

Aging: 12 Months in French Oak and American Oak

Tasting Note :
Agile and with body. Red cherry with youthful touchs. Balsamic, clean and shiny. A fruity wine with a silky palate of great elegance. Impact the nuances of ripe red fruits assembled with spices like Licorice and vanilla. Its soft taste mixed with the barrel, recalls all the fruit nuances on the palate, obtaining an excellent level of tannins. A very well structured wine, which bounces off with an important aftertaste. 
Body   ●●●●
Acidity ●●●●
Tannin ●●
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