Muscat - notes and very rich and complex nose plenty of fresh fruit and flowery aromas. On the palate is intense and complex, full of fresh fruit with elegant and round texture and long finish with refreshing aftertaste. Very well balanced.

THB 1,320 ฿ 1,320

Grenache - It is complex, elegant, full of floral aromas and fresh fruit on the nose, with smooth, pleasant, well balanced, and very fruity palate with long finish and delicate aftertaste.

THB 1,260 ฿ 1,260

Grenache - Plenty of ripe black fruit and spicy aromas on the nose. It shows fleshy attack with rounded, very well balanced, complex, intense fruit aromas and long finish. Very special wine.

THB 1,260 ฿ 1,260

Tempranillo - The nose is clean, intense, harmonic and very fruity. On the palate the wine is very pleasant with ripe fruit flavours, where the tannins are well balanced offering a nice texture and refreshing long finish with persistent aftertaste.

THB 1,320 ฿ 1,320

Grenache - On the nose is rich, complex, fruity with oaky, spicy and balsamic notes. It is complex on the palate with smooth tannins, rounded and velvety. Rich and full in aromas with great ageing potential.

THB 1,380 ฿ 1,380

Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon - A wine with great structure and body, yet silky. Deep purple color, almost black. It is very concentratic and aromatic, with notes of coffee, toasted oak and dark fruit. A very harmonious, well rounded wine, elegant and juicy on the palate.

THB 1,650 ฿ 1,650
THB 1,500 ฿ 1,500 -9%

Mouscat - Very complex nose with intense floral and fresh fruit aromas. On the palate is smooth, with nice acidity in balance with the sweetness, plenty of fruit and floral aromas and very elegant long finish.

THB 1,320 ฿ 1,320
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